“Immoral Tales” Fashion & Film.

I recently watched a film on the telling of Countess Elizabeth Bathory. Yes, the most prolific female murderer of the 16th century of the kingdom of Hungary. Countess Elizabeth Bathory was well known for her vampire like tendencies-killing and bathing in the blood of young virgin girls to retain her beauty. In 1974 a French film titled “Contes Immoraux” (Immoral Tales) was released. Immoral Tales features four erotic stories. I did only watched the third installment of this film, which was of The Countess-a story line based on poem written by French surrealist poet Valentine Penrose. Bathory in this film was portrayed by the beautiful Paloma Picasso-The youngest daughter of Painter Pablo Picasso. Paloma truly brings an edge, character, vulnerability and elegance to this film. Although the film is packed with more of an erotic imagery, which reminisces more of a Sandro Botticelli’s -The Birth of Venus” painting. This thirty minute short film features great costume design with minimal dialog, making the film more aesthetically pleasing for the eye, and because I couldn’t find much on the French Costume Designer Piet Bolschon, here I decided to shed light on the wonderful garment details and imagery of this film.






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