A Sunday with Fashion Icon, Daphne Guinness


Sunday July 1st 2012, Summer had filled the air and I was on my way to meet The Honorable Daphne Guinness, at The Beverly Hills Hotel.

Writing that sentence still sounds like a dream to me. There I was, standing on  the entrance of the hotel. I stopped and stared at the iconic pink walls, those dreamy tall palm trees swaying upon a clear blue sky, It was a perfect day in California. The Beverly Hills hotel is not exactly the most modern of all hotels, but it’s air of Hollywood Glamour, is tuly inevitable. With my Alexander McQueen book on hand, ready for her to sign. I walked up to the front desk and asked for “Daphne Guinness” -“She’s in one of our bungalows at the far end.”the desk clerk replied, I  then walked in to the hotel in search for Daphne’s Bungalow.  At first I walked past a lot of noise, mostly of water splashing and laughter, surely it was Summer. I walked in further and noticed all the noise had slowly diminished, as I was now in bungalow territory. I stopped and saw a room number that matched the description of what the hotel clerk had gave me, I felt my stomach turn, my eyes grew large and my palms became sweaty. I stalled to think back to when I first saw Daphne in my fashion magazines, standing next to her friend the great fashion designer -Alexander McQueen and thinking how she stood out from all the other “cover girls.”She looked Fierce, Care-less, Strong and Beautiful. Undoubtedly Daphne was a different breed and I was about to meet her.

Photo I took of Daphne Chillin’ in her Beverly Hills Bungalow.

The  front door to her bungalow was wide open, as if she was waiting for someone, I took a peak and both Daphne and my eyes quickly connected she then received me with a kind smile, a hug and offering me a tea or a red bull, as if I were someone she knew for a while. She was a  perfect hostess, that day. Daphne was alone and on a table was a painting she was working on prior my visit, she wore her black and white signature hair casually half up, and held by a paint brush, She had only one silver disco ball earring hanging from her left ear, She wore a black body suit under a gold colored short kimono, and a large golden scorpion hanging from her neck. Even at her most casual, She looked perfect. Daphne offered me a seat and we started conversing about anything and everything; touching on her friend-The talented fashion designer; Alexander McQueen. Daphne walked to her closet and pulled out her Alexander McQueen long military bolero vest. The vest that I saw her wore in pictures, and the same bolero vest that is in my book. I secretly gasped! As she began showing me the inside detail of the vest, pointing out the unfinished seams. It was dreamy.

 Although I didn’t know what to expect when meeting Daphne, She was very pleasant. She has this cool sixties hippie vibe to her, that loves music and loves L.A, and at the same time she is soft spoken with a romantic flare, She is all of this and much more, and all while being un-afraid to connect with me; Me! being just an admirer of hers! Daphne signed my book and two magazines that I had brought with me.

I departed from her bungalow with a smile that lasted me all week, to say the least.

“To Darling Virginia- One of my first twitter friends. I would have loved to gone to this with you. Lots of Love Daphne x.”


Daphne Guinness by Joe Lally.



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