Breaking-Up with VOGUE

As a child I couldn’t wait to go grocery shopping with my mother, solely so I can make my way to the fashion magazine aisle and marvel at the glamorous Guess campaign ads as I couldn’t wait to run my fingers through those scented glossy pages. Remembering how fashion models not only represented a designers brand but an emotion-Glamour, Opulence, Etiquette, Edge and sometimes even Desperation, Sorrow, Violence and Romance and just like that, it was no longer just a fashion ad but a representation of the wonderful kaleidoscope of sentiments that make up the everyday fashionable woman.

I am now, or shall I say, was a faithful Vogue/Harper’s Bazaar magazine subscriber as I also collect those covers that have my favorite model/muse of the season, I like to think of it as sort of a telepathic language I have with my fashion issues, but now once a month I receive a monthly subscription and once a month I have been feeling conflicted and quite frankly disappointed in the direction fashion covers and fashion literature of today is heading. A lack luster media friendly cover photo plastered on the cover of vogue. An empty artless void cover that screams “Hi I’m just part of the money train buy me” and in this social media infested world the latest fashion “muses” are now forcefully being shoved down my throat, and Like a thief in the night- stealing away mystery and the illusion in which I can no longer create nor perceive the artistic story in my mind through a magazine ad.

Thank You Vogue Magazine for your past continuous inspiration, but I really don’t think we could see each other anymore, I am hopeful that maybe later in life we can rekindle our love …perhaps.

Diana Vreeland who joined Vogue in 1962 and was the editor-in-chief from the year 1963 until 1971 was a columnist, editor and art director for Vogue, and has always curated the magazine with an artistic eye.


There’s only one thing in life, and that’s the continual renewal of inspiration.”~Diana Vreeland





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