Muse- Anna Cleveland

In this day and age I struggle to find inspiration through High Fashion Magazines. Fashion Issues were my number one resource for all my style references. I would go to my local magazine stands and find tons of artistic fashion covers inviting my imagination to be inspired, but now all has changed. High Fashion Magazines lack in bringing creativity to their readers and focus more on the number of followers” that a model gathers through a social media platform. I don’t know how that reads fashion-I can see that perhaps it may be for “popularity” reasons but,  I never tied fashion with popularity. Fashion is firstly a form of art and it is depressing how everything revolves around social media streams, especially when it comes to something so vital like art. It is crucial to not subscribe to everything that you are fed, but do your own research, you know, look a little closer. After finding myself buried in a pile of magazine covers filled with The Hadid’s and Jenners, like a shiny star in the darkest night, there I saw Anna Cleveland, who is daughter of Pat Cleveland. Pat was the first African American model in the 60’s throughout the 70’s needless to say Anna Cleveland not only stems from fashion history but just one look at her fashion spreads and my eyes were struck by her mystery, the deepness in her eyes, the hollow of her cheeks, the melody in her hand movement. Surely I wasn’t looking at another frozen mannequin trying to sell me some product. The way my eyes stared at her image was the same way I stared at an art painting. Anna Cleveland is not just another cover model. Anna models from her finger tips to the last strand of her hair. Anna Cleveland is a true Fashion Rebel.



Anna and Mother Pat Cleveland


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