Amber Valletta The Super-Woman

A photograph of a beautiful woman sends the mind a drift, gathering thoughts of beauty, perfection and sometimes even perceiving; how can beautiful models ever experience the grit of life by just always looking like otherworldly perfect specimens. This is definitely  not the case with high fashion pioneer Amber Valletta who just three years ago admitted to being an Addict. Amber now vows to her sobriety, as she recalls,“I got sober at 25, not because I had the will power, but because I didn’t want to die and I really believed that there had to be something more than what I was doing.” So therefore Amber Valletta proves that she is not only a Supermodel but more like A Super-Woman. Here we gathered just a few of our many favorite Amber Valletta fashion moments through a camera lens.

Amber Valletta by Steven Klein 2009


Amber Valletta by Peter Lindbergh 1993
Amber Valletta for V- Magazine 2017 (out now)

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