Babes of Thrones

I couldn’t help but to feel how this weekend felt much like a roller coaster ride of emotions. Firstly with the Inauguration that left me feeling speechless and completely out of place, not really knowing what to think of the world I live in. Fast forward to the day after, where a Beautiful Rainbow of Brave women filled the streets all over the U.S all creating one voice while marching for you and me, and before my very own eyes, these women slowly began to morph in to Warriors as it was no longer just another protest but a battle in defending our rights. I know this election was a true nightmare for myself and many, one that we have to re-live again and again, but with darkness comes light and yesterday was proof that you and me are not alone. The Women’s March left me inspired to gather photography where women are portrayed as warriors because even if you could not attend the women’s march and protest, well, we all have our personal battles and yes, sometimes we loose these battles but even in our defeat, we are graceful, even our weaknesses are powerful, making us stronger and ready to dust ourselves off and fight the fight. here’s to you, Women Warrior.

” Women have burnt like beacons in all the works of all the poets from the beginning of time.”    -Virginia Woolf 


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