Zaha Hadid in Sterling Silver

Iraqi born, London based architect Zaha Hadid is responsible for designing some of the most iconic buildings, including the London Olympic Aquatic Center and MAXXI National Museum of XXI Century Arts in Rome. Zaha Hadid’s futuristic approach to design was truly one of a kind. Despite her passing  away at 65 last year, Zaha left behind an abundance of inspiration some of her works include futuristic platform shoes, ones that only live in my post apocalyptic cyborg dreams. Recently, however,  one of Zaha Hadid’s last works came out to light, a collaboration with jewelery designer Georg Jensen. Pieces that truly stand out from all the big names in high end jewlery makers. Zaha Hadid X Georg Jensen pieces possess stunning waves and curves that delicately mirror the female form,  incrusted with rare black diamonds, a jewelery collection that is both eccentric and avant-garde. A fingerprint she left for design enthusiast to not only enjoy but to be inspired by her uniqueness in craftsmanship. Zaha Hadid was not only the most successful female architect but, I believe that she was a thread that makes the grand scheme celestial tapestry of wonder. Zaha Hadid, like you, there will be no other. Rest Peacefully.

zaha-hadid-architect-designer-style-fashion-starchitect-famous-best-top-1“There is an inherent integrity with the organic structural logic found in nature, and we often look at the coherence of natural systems when we work to create environments.” ~Zaha Hadid

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