Tim Burtons Fashionable Women in Film

Whenever a Tim Burton film becomes a topic of conversation, I can’t help but to think of all the eye catching details of his cool extremely fashionable characters, and i’m not just referring to the ever so dapper- Jack skellington. Tim Burton has a way of creating eye catching visuals, taking his audience from a pastel suburban town in “Edward Scissorhands where the women neatly color coordinated their outfits to their neighborhood. To a very dark world of Gotham City, where one of the most iconic Catwoman was born. Selena Kyle in 1992 Batman Returns” was the purrfect villain, till this day, no other actress has been able to portray the fabulous feline that was Michelle Pfeiffer. In Tim Burtons 1996 film “Mars Attack” there was a character that was not entirely human, “Martian Babe” she was on of the most glamorous high couture characters to hit the sci-fi film world. Martian Babe seemed to be straight out of a Thierry Mugler catwalk. One of my personal favorite costume designs in a Tim Burton film was in 1999 “Sleepy Hollow” the lonesome vibe of the picture and vintage victorian corsetry bursting at every scene, made the film both elegant and dark. Katrina Van Tassel played by Christina Ricci was an 1820’s masterpiece. I can’t just put together a list of extraordinary fashionable characters without mentioning, Delia Deetz of…”Beetlejuice , Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice” (I had too) Delia Deetz mother of Lydia Deetz played by Catherine O’Hara was a unique character with great taste in clothing. Although Lydia Deetz till this day gets more attention for her black aesthetic, you kinda gotta give her mother credit for that. As they say…”The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” Finally in Tim Burtons black and white 1994 film “Ed Wood” appeared a woman donned in black as Vampira played by Lisa Marie she was gothic perfection and made a great tribute to the original pop culture icon that is Vampira.

Catwoman in “Batman Returns”


“Edward Scissorhands
Martian Babe in “Mars Attack”
Delia Deetz “Beetlejuice
Katrina Van Tassle in “Sleepy Hollow”
Lisa Marie as Vampira in “Ed Wood”

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