Favorite Spring 2017

It’s cool to see fashion designers not always opting for the usual nautical pastels , florals nor neons for Spring. Let us marvel at these awesome out of the box designs. 

Margiela Spring 2017
Ann Demeulemeester

Babes of Thrones

I couldn’t help but to feel how this weekend felt much like a roller coaster ride of emotions. Firstly with the Inauguration that left me feeling speechless and completely out of place, not really knowing what to think of the world I live in. Fast forward to the day after, where a Beautiful Rainbow of Brave women filled the streets all over the U.S all creating one voice while marching for you and me, and before my very own eyes, these women slowly began to morph in to Warriors as it was no longer just another protest but a battle in defending our rights. I know this election was a true nightmare for myself and many, one that we have to re-live again and again, but with darkness comes light and yesterday was proof that you and me are not alone. The Women’s March left me inspired to gather photography where women are portrayed as warriors because even if you could not attend the women’s march and protest, well, we all have our personal battles and yes, sometimes we loose these battles but even in our defeat, we are graceful, even our weaknesses are powerful, making us stronger and ready to dust ourselves off and fight the fight. here’s to you, Women Warrior.

” Women have burnt like beacons in all the works of all the poets from the beginning of time.”    -Virginia Woolf 


Happy Birthday Kate Moss


The Iconic Supermodel Kate Moss celebrates her 43rd birthday today. Here we gathered some of her most memorable photo-shoots and Yes, we love our Moss nice and dark. Happy Birthday Kate Moss wishing you more iconic moments to come.

Kate Moss for W Magazine By Steven Klein







Amber Valletta The Super-Woman

A photograph of a beautiful woman sends the mind a drift, gathering thoughts of beauty, perfection and sometimes even perceiving; how can beautiful models ever experience the grit of life by just always looking like otherworldly perfect specimens. This is definitely  not the case with high fashion pioneer Amber Valletta who just three years ago admitted to being an Addict. Amber now vows to her sobriety, as she recalls,“I got sober at 25, not because I had the will power, but because I didn’t want to die and I really believed that there had to be something more than what I was doing.” So therefore Amber Valletta proves that she is not only a Supermodel but more like A Super-Woman. Here we gathered just a few of our many favorite Amber Valletta fashion moments through a camera lens.

Amber Valletta by Steven Klein 2009


Amber Valletta by Peter Lindbergh 1993
Amber Valletta for V- Magazine 2017 (out now)

Muse- Anna Cleveland

In this day and age I struggle to find inspiration through High Fashion Magazines. Fashion Issues were my number one resource for all my style references. I would go to my local magazine stands and find tons of artistic fashion covers inviting my imagination to be inspired, but now all has changed. High Fashion Magazines lack in bringing creativity to their readers and focus more on the number of followers” that a model gathers through a social media platform. I don’t know how that reads fashion-I can see that perhaps it may be for “popularity” reasons but,  I never tied fashion with popularity. Fashion is firstly a form of art and it is depressing how everything revolves around social media streams, especially when it comes to something so vital like art. It is crucial to not subscribe to everything that you are fed, but do your own research, you know, look a little closer. After finding myself buried in a pile of magazine covers filled with The Hadid’s and Jenners, like a shiny star in the darkest night, there I saw Anna Cleveland, who is daughter of Pat Cleveland. Pat was the first African American model in the 60’s throughout the 70’s needless to say Anna Cleveland not only stems from fashion history but just one look at her fashion spreads and my eyes were struck by her mystery, the deepness in her eyes, the hollow of her cheeks, the melody in her hand movement. Surely I wasn’t looking at another frozen mannequin trying to sell me some product. The way my eyes stared at her image was the same way I stared at an art painting. Anna Cleveland is not just another cover model. Anna models from her finger tips to the last strand of her hair. Anna Cleveland is a true Fashion Rebel.



Anna and Mother Pat Cleveland


Quentin Tarantino’s Fashionable & Fierce Women in Film

When I think of Women being portrayed at their fiercest through film, really only one name comes to mind and that name is Quentin Tarantino. Mostly all of Quentin’s work Includes a badass female who refuses to take ‘No’ for an answer. In inclusion to his recent film “The Hateful Eight” which featured actress Jennifer Jason Leigh who’s character name  “Daisy Domergue”  if you seen the film you well know that she is one of the most vicious out of all them’ cowboys. Here I want to shed light on not only strong female characters Quentin has treated our eyes with, but the most fashionable and the most iconic.  In no particular order.

Mia Wallace of Pulp Fiction -Who would’ve thought that a simple white shirt, a pair of black capri pants and a pair of flats would look so cool and chic through film. Of course it helped that Mrs. Wallace had a femme fatale personality that lit up the screen.

Uma Thurman is Mia Wallace in “Pulp Fiction.”


Elle Driver. The moment Elle Driver came into the scene in Kill Bill vol 1 My eyes quickly focused on her impeccable black tailored suit paired with elegant white sleeves peeking out of her black blazer. I didn’t even have to see her eye patch because the way she was dressed, we all knew that she was woman with a mission.

Daryl Hannah is Elle Driver in “Kill Bill vol 1.


O ren  ishii. If you ever watched Japanese movie titled “Lady Blood Snow” then you would know where the character O ren ishii stemmed from. When O ren ishii entered the room even her own men working for her feared her. O ren ishii was dressed in traditional well tailored Japanese kimono making O ren ishii not only the fiercest but the most cultural villain in Kill Bill.

Lucy Liu is O ren ishii in “Kill Bill vol 1.”

Bridget Von Hammersmark of Inglourious Basterds. Bridget was smart, quick witted and could hang with the german boys at a pub, all while looking glamorous and that was her badass aesthetic.

Diane Kruger is Bridget Von Hammersmark in “Inglourious Basterds.”

Shosanna Dreyfus in Inglourious Basterds. Now in the first scenes she was pictured as fragile power-less character but as the story  begins to unravel Shosanna gets her revenge and what better color than wearing Red while doing so.

Mélanie Laurent is Shosanna Dreyfus in “Inglourious Basterds.

There’s truly lots more strong female leads out there in the cinema world but this about concludes Quentin Tarantino’s Fashionable and Fierce women in film which makes going to the movies a lot more worth while.

Jennifer Jason Leigh is Daisy Domergue in “The Hateful Eight.”


Gaga for ‘V’ Magazine

Ever since Lady Gaga published her first column for ‘V’ Magazine in the summer of 2011, I have been a faithful subscriber. It is in her written columns that you get to know the artist in her element. Her choosing of words and subjects are both prolific and heart-felt. Lady Gaga lives and breaths Art & Fashion, She is a true Fashionista. If you adore fashion and you have not read any of her columns for ‘V’ Magazine, please do yourself a favor. In this particular issue (photographed below) was released earlier this year. Lady Gaga gloriously features Daphne Guinness, both dressed in their wonderful and eccentric treasured garments designed by the late and great Alexander McQueen. To be a fly on that wall. This to me was the best fashion spread of 2016.


Hedy Lamarr and Daphne Guinness

The Fashion Maven Daphne Guinness as  The Incomparable Beauty that is Hedy Lamarr, is a moment that translates so effortless, almost feeling like a study of beauty. One of my favorite moments in the fashion world. Although a lot of my favorite fashion moments do have to do with Daphne. Do you have a favorite fashion moment? do tell! (;

Hedy Lamarr
Daphne Guinness as Hedy Lamarr Photographed by Joseph Lally



Breaking-Up with VOGUE

As a child I couldn’t wait to go grocery shopping with my mother, solely so I can make my way to the fashion magazine aisle and marvel at the glamorous Guess campaign ads as I couldn’t wait to run my fingers through those scented glossy pages. Remembering how fashion models not only represented a designers brand but an emotion-Glamour, Opulence, Etiquette, Edge and sometimes even Desperation, Sorrow, Violence and Romance and just like that, it was no longer just a fashion ad but a representation of the wonderful kaleidoscope of sentiments that make up the everyday fashionable woman.

I am now, or shall I say, was a faithful Vogue/Harper’s Bazaar magazine subscriber as I also collect those covers that have my favorite model/muse of the season, I like to think of it as sort of a telepathic language I have with my fashion issues, but now once a month I receive a monthly subscription and once a month I have been feeling conflicted and quite frankly disappointed in the direction fashion covers and fashion literature of today is heading. A lack luster media friendly cover photo plastered on the cover of vogue. An empty artless void cover that screams “Hi I’m just part of the money train buy me” and in this social media infested world the latest fashion “muses” are now forcefully being shoved down my throat, and Like a thief in the night- stealing away mystery and the illusion in which I can no longer create nor perceive the artistic story in my mind through a magazine ad.

Thank You Vogue Magazine for your past continuous inspiration, but I really don’t think we could see each other anymore, I am hopeful that maybe later in life we can rekindle our love …perhaps.

Diana Vreeland who joined Vogue in 1962 and was the editor-in-chief from the year 1963 until 1971 was a columnist, editor and art director for Vogue, and has always curated the magazine with an artistic eye.


There’s only one thing in life, and that’s the continual renewal of inspiration.”~Diana Vreeland